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Battlestar Galactica, Oh my!

I have to admit to Buying Battlestar Galactica episodes from iTunes.

I also have to admit that with every episode I watch the amount of squeeing keeps increasing. Oh lord.jdsfhjdshlkja

*deep breath* STARBUCK! Wow. She so fracking rocks. Now I actually want to read het fanfiction again - Apollo/Starbucks...*happy sigh* would be so brilliant. In the latest episode "The Captain's Hand"- they burn up the screen by just talking.

But the show is so REAL and the characters so well thought out, developed and still there's always stuff that gets you screaming and hollering and smiling.

This is what I have always been looking for in a sci-fi show, but have always found the standard stuff including Star Gate Atlantis, to be rather lacking.

But this....thank you lord - an experience like this is a blessing

I need to make icons for this show. Man. Wow.

P.S.- Will write more coherently when I've recovered.

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