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It figures this would happen...

So I've been reading the new DH fanfics coming out, particularly those at the_ass_ship which are delightfully fun (and also locked to members only in some cases). However, I have come to realise something rather unfortunate...

More than Albus Severus/Scorpius fic, I find myself wanting to read James/Scorpius fic. It seems to be a far more interesting and fucked up kind of relationship and in some ways the antagonism between them seems more like Harry/Draco BUT there is a crucial difference - the age gap means the dynamics is quite different. I'm more interested in seeing Al and Scorpius as good friends, but I think I could really get into fic with James/Scorpius as the ship.

Any opinions? Or better yet, any fic which actually has J/S?
I think one of the reasons I'm attracted to AS/S is because there's not so antagonism--or there's the high possibility that there won't be, given that Albus seems shyer than Harry was at his age and fandom can make a good argument for AS/S friendship. I love H/D to pieces the way it is and I don't want to replace it; I just want to supplement it with the BFF-turned-more that is AS/S. :D

I agree that J/S would have lots of interesting hatesex and clashes, but I'm afraid it'll turn into another H/D. Though you're right that the age difference will change the dynamics...I guess I should reserve my comments about it until I've read a J/S fic.

...but sam_storyteller's fic has totally won me over to Teddy/James. ;__; What am I going to do now?
Oh, I really like the crackiness and friends turned lovers theme of AS/S instead of rivals turned lovers of the H/D variety. Though I don't really think of James/Scorpius as an alternate to H/D - they aren't rivals, there's just, as you said, a lot of antagonism.

So while I expect the hate!sex, I don't really expect regular competition. IMO James would probably lock onto Scorpius as potential prey and Scorpius would see James as a wanker who also happens to be one of those god awful Potters XD

The fact that we barely have anything about these characters apart from their names, means this could just turn into one giant orgy. With a lot of slash potential too, haha.
You know, upon further reflection, I think I could be persuaded to any next-gen ship as long as the fic was shiny and wonderful. I never expected to like Teddy/James, for instance. Good fic could probably sell me onto James/Scorpius. :D

And I'm still wanting myself some Teddy/Victoire. I have no idea where to start looking fandom experience has been too immersed in slash! What to do...
I just gave in and created hp_tng (HP: The Next Generation)- adding a header image and rules and tags and will get back to packing and moving to new apartment XD

This way any and all fanworks and discussion of the new characters can find a place - especially since I'm of the same mind as you and there is so much *potential* even beyond AS/S - fandom rocks that way.

Oooh, very useful comm! Must keep an eye on it. :D

And good luck packing/moving! I will attempt to write fic in the meantime, if I'm not distracted by reading fic, haha.
Yes, so I'm wishing I hadn't started in Albus' POV now. Eh well.
In the case of Albus Severus (and why, WHY don't people call him at least occasionally Severus? or Sev? Albus just sucks!) and Scorpius, it seems that because of their similarity to their fathers, we have more material to work with. More personal traits to modify, etc. In time, fandom will create a standard character out of them, maybe change the dynamics, but now, I think both pairings are exciting! Although, in J/S it's appealing that James is the older one. It means that at first he'll have more likely the upper hand :P
For me, if I hear Sev or Severus, I think Snape. If I hear Al - I think Albus Severus. It's a mind association game thing.

A/ASS seems a bit like an AU H/D where they start out as friends (though Al's character is decidedly different) so I'm thinking its just a hop, sjip and a jump for H/D shippers to enjoy it.

Oh fandom will definitely create an 'image' of the next gen characters *recalls Blaise*

J/S would be rather different from the regular generation pairing cause they aren't the same age and yet it's not an entire generation gap like Snarry is.

It means that at first he'll have more likely the upper hand :P

ah, the potential for a deliciously fucked up relationship is so *there*.
I think there is a Next Gen community up, but the only next gen fic I've seen is AS/S and that Teddy Lupin/James fic by sam_storyteller.

*lives in eternal hope*
- (Anonymous)
Knowing how it ends kind of depressing the Dumbledore/Grindewald ship for me :( But yes, new characters mean more shiny stuff :)
You're right! This ship has potential. Joined your community. :D
joined your community; totally love all the resources you've got here.

andohman, this pairing has me wondering. i didn't think of it until i saw you had it pointed out, now i've got all sorts of ideas flying about!
So apparently you are an ultra-cool person because in the week since DH came out, I somehow keep ending up at your journal, lol. meiface mentioned you first as a fellow James/Scorpis fan, and then my friend who lurks on LJ gave me a rec' list on your journal for Harry/Draco (which I have to go back and look at) and THEN I see you created hp_tng. You may feel all awesome now, lol.

But anyway, what I wanted to add ... I'm so up for J/AS/S fic. I mean, it's the next step in a screwed up logical way. I can't wait for the next!gen fans to grow and become more comfortable with the characters so some kick-ass awesome stuff comes out~