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When LJ goes down, where do you go?
I finished moving to my new apartment, popped open my PC and my first though twas - oh noes, internet not working - then I realized LJ was down >__<

I go to my kitchen and do the dishes. Haha. (But I'm not kidding.)
I don't think anything could induce me to wash dishes. Dishwashers are modern day miracles XD
I refresh LJ over and over agian. Honestly.

Then I go read a book, stopping every few words to refresh LJ again ;___;
First, I freak out, *g* then I go here. I can't go too long without my Supernatural slash. IM or e-mail or texting if I actually have to talk to anyone.
I really like LJ and don't want to go somewhere else.
when lj goes down, I am so thankful I keep copies of absolute favorite fics on the hard drive XD

There is the worry that LJ may be down...permanently *gulps*
- (Anonymous)
I popped in a DVD instead :) I should probably start using my LJ-clone blogs on the off chance than LJ goes down permanently...
I either surf for free songs but this time I was so distract that I just decided to go to sleep seeing as it's the one thing I fail to do as long as is up.
Y'know that might be the one solution that actually long as LJ gets back up when you wake up later...
I do all the other stuff I usually ignore in favor of LJ. This time, I watched some anime and caught up on email.
Grab a book and read, or try to make icons if the Muse is present.
Ha! With 40 open tabs?

Nah, I actually fired up the Windows Box and tried to make Trillian suck less. But LJ came back on before I managed it. ;)
Slashdot and google, respectively, to find out why it was down. Then an internet forum, and the HP Lexicon, because I'm in the midst of writing a bit that needed some referencing :)
To IRC! There's a chat room for my main LJ game there and it's good for distraction.