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Oye, my new Post DH slash ship is alive.

meiface, in a week full of the chaos of moving, your writing made me forget *everything* but the love of a fabulous new pairing.

Aww, I'm glad I could bring a moment of happy and flail to moving chaos and stress! You make me feel unworthy, though, 'cause it's such a short thing. I am plotting longer fic, but I have a tendency to stare at my writing, hate it, and lose all interest. Er. But I will preservere!
It may seem short but it captured the spirit of James/Scorpius IMO. It makes me wonder about ship_manifesto because whoever writes essays for the HP TNG!ships will be basing most of the love on fanfiction like yours. You're building fanon woman (and it is beautiful -___-)

*has kind of lost focus now, at the thought of long plotty fic in future*