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classics/favorites in HP fandom...

There have been several fandom surveys and compilations of recs done on "classics" or favorites in the HP fandom - the first dates back to 2004 and the latest massive effort was done just last year.

HP fanfiction Classics compiled by anehan (March, 2004)
Slash and Femslash Classics compiled by switchknife (April, 2004)
HP Slash Classics compiled by skuf (April, 2004)
What the fandom recommends compiled by tarie (April, 2004)
New HP classics compiled by abbycadabra (August, 2005)
All-Time Favorites compiled by furiosity (Nov, 2005)
Newest HP Slash Classics compiled by skuf (July, 2006)
H/D @ hpficmasterlist (August, 2006)

For a follow up in future:
  • as an *update* to the above lists, it would NOT include fics compiled in earlier lists. The fics above are already winners in their own right. It's be nice to showcase more recent work instead so that they get more exposure.
  • fanworks for pre-Deathly Hallows fanfic (and maybe fanart and misc stuff).
  • fandom classics/favorites in general (the recent popular fics that have been recced to death)
  • personal favorites that have the potential to become classics in a year or two (stuff that is very new and hasn't been seen by all of fandom yet)
Anything else to note?

I'll be driving to Dallas today and leaving for vacation with family on the 2nd - so if I were to start anything it'd be mid to end August. Also, I'd probably only focus on H/D. While hpficmasterlist was a fanatastic piece of work - I'd go insane trying to do it.

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