Goss (gossymer) wrote,

going to sleep but before that...

My sis splurged on tickets for Medieval Times - the dinner + show. We ended up in Yellow & Red - which turned into SUCH a Gryffindor House, because not only did our Champion knight win the Fair if extremely whiny Princess, he also became the sucessor to the throne. Which did not please me at all.

I was thinking "Anarchy baby" (ala Reese of Malcolm in the Middle) and hoping the evil!dude won and got rid of the idiot!princess.

Everyone I rooted for in the actual tournament ended up loosing - the Yellow & Red Knight was the first loser (at that time we didn't know he was sleeping with the idiot!Princess), then the Blue Knight (who was a total hottie) got pwned by the Black & White Knight, and the Green Knight (who was from a land of so called 'wretches') ended up losing to the winner, Black and White.

The funny thing was that as soon as Blue got defeated, Green challenged Black & White IMMEDIATELY which made me think the Blue and Green Knights were totally doing it. And Green being labelled as a evil!character made me think they'd ripped off JKR's policy on Slytherins.

Oh and the Black & White knight just made me think of a cow. I was happy to see him run through by the organizer who turned out to be the evil!dude XD

So yes, slash manages to find a way to surive in all forms of entertainment :D

P.S - On a different note, the First Impressions Meme has me here

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