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Reasons to be extra happy...

  1. ...it's my birthday tomorrow! Found several online e-clubs that send coupons for your birthday (Baskin Robbins, Blenz, Boston Pizza, Marble Slab Creamery, Starbucks, Vera's Burger Shack etc) so this week is going to be pretty sweet :3

  2. I have a new job! I also canceled some art commissions that had taken a while and sold some stuff on ebay (sort of an end-of-summer cleaning). Ultimately I'm super happy at the moment that things are working out well and things are coming together.

  3. Due to budgetary constraints I've been eating less random stuff and since returning from banff last month I've lost 4 kgs o_O That's 1kg (or 2 lbs) a week which had me all shocked and \o/ at the same time.  Just 12kgs more to go to reach my highschool graduation weight haha

  4. The new TV season has started and my fave shows are back - particularly Downton Abbey and Modern Family though I was rather underwhelmed by the season premiere for Community (still have hopes for episode 2!) and I admit I skimmed through Big Bang Theory and Fringe so can't say much yet. Looking forward to the Good Wife tho and am curious about some of the new shows (Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Pan Am, Awake, Smash)

  5. I got my commish sketch from teat2am of adult!Toph too:

    (click for full view)
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You guys...

Downton Abbey, DOWNTON ABBEY!!!

Season 2's premiere had me laughing, crying and squeaking so damn much. Oh man, why can't there be more awesome dramas like this? The depth and complexity in regards to the characters, their relationships and the way events of the period impact their lives...I just have hearts in my eyes right now <3 <3

God damnit, when is episode 2 coming out???

I never expected DA to be this good when I first started it - though I was predisposed towards liking Mary Crawford since I recognized Michelle Dockery from the Discworld Hogfather movie where she plays Susan (Death's granddaughter). I love the richness of Mary as a character - Sybill is easy to like but in many, many ways an innocent. So it's Mary who really owns my heart (as does Anna) and Mr. Bates...oh lordy, I admit I want to shake him and hug him to death at the same time. Really do want to see more of him...

TBH though, each character makes the whole story that much better, so as much as I want to srsly strangle O'Brien and Thomas, their actions give quite a bit of food for thought (the baby!issue in the s1 finale and the lighter!scene in this season's premiere)

In regards to romance, I'm rather invested in Anna and Mr Bates as well as Mary and Mathew though when it comes to Sybill, I'm interested in seeing a bit more character growth. Still, I find it hard to believe that so many things happened in a single episode!Am kinda wondering where the characters will be by the end of the season *flails*

I hope we get to see Gwen at some point in S2 and at least some of the romances working out in the long run. I wonder if the writers might have enough for a third season - on one hand, we'd get MOAR but on the other hand, the wil they/won't they might get overly drawn out. Still I'd cheer like mad if we get more episodes.

Need to find any Downton Abbey comms here now (though I'm already following the tag on tumblr - here are some of the posts I've liked)

P.S - To anyone trying DA for the first time, do NOT watch the PBS version, which is a hackjob - view the the UK broadcast.
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HP - H/D - back to back

Talk about random...

Had a H/D dream last night which hasn't happened in ages, omg. I know its 'cause I stayed up warping a pic in photoshop (Qinni's Draco Malfoy) to better suit the Draco in my head:

(click to zoom)

Might have ended up more like movie!DM than my Dufour!DM but it was enough for sweet dreams XD

Oh and AM I UR MAN? had me wondering about advertising trends in the Wizarding World - not to mention, Harry's reaction MWHAHAHAHA
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*ducks head and waves*

[001] Didn't realize I'd become such a lurker this summer! Last year, apart from a few hectic weeks with the family, I was still getting familiar with my new home town. This year though has been pretty awesome and I've been hanging out with my favorite housemates whenever I can - not to mention the 3 weeks with the family in Richmond :D That part was actually very chill and relaxing and my mom already misses Vancouver - especially since Dubai is worse than a sauna at the moment. I just got back from a 4 day-3 night bus tour to Banff and it was fabulous :)

[002] While July was mostly a hiatus from the internet, this month had me lurking on LJ, DW and tumblr in particular. My own posts can be found here if anyone is interested. Personally, I find all the shiny on that site is impossible to resist for long. I just wish I could figure out how to locate individuals to follow. Does anyone have any tumblr recs or methods they find successful when it comes to finding tumblrs with similar interests?

[003] I bought henna, amla and indigo online and I'll be trying a two step process to darken my hair to a deep brown (since the current color has copper toned highlights at the moment and I don't want any more damage from hair dye). Oh and my hair has never been longer, woot! I find it a little awkward when sleeping but generally I think my excessive oil production is working out better with the longer locks of hair XD

Last year I tried to be more budget conscious and used the cheapest shampoos I could get my hands on (Suave, Sunsilk etc.) but the damage to my hair from home hair dyes made it necessary to get something better. In the end I picked up a litre of Pureology Repair Shampoo, AG Peppermint Shampoo and Paul Mitchel Super Strong Conditioner during Trade Secrets' half off sale. I could feel the difference from the first shampoo and my hair is so much better now - thank god for MakeupAlley!

[004] Posted a wikipedia userscript to clean up and simplify the site (can be found here) and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out :D

[005] Have been playing badminton and volleyball in the backyard in the evenings and I'm hoping to continue through to the start of Winter (especially since a couple of us want to get more fit) - its so much damn fun! We had our first and last barbecue of the summer the weekend before last and apart from the food, we just kept moving for about 6 hrs -frisbee, volleyball, lacrosse, badminton \o/. The next day it was hard to get out of bed though >_>

[006] How have I lived my life without trying Xiao Long Bao before now? Small morsels of heaven that melt in your mouth - not to mention, following them up with tan tan noodles and much later with gelato is probably my idea of a perfect afternoon now *_*

[007] I've been keeping to a pretty decent regimen of daily face wash, the occasional apricot scrub and a weekly oat and pumpkin seed face mask so I was floored when I tried my housemate's Kiss Me Magical Facial Peeling Gel which cleared off a hell of a lot of dead skin on the sides of my face *_* I admit I kind of want to go to the far east for cosmetics now....

[008] Have switched my reading list to Good Reads (here) and was wondering if any of y'all have lists there? I'm rather in love with the site at the moment so any excuse to open a tab would make me a happy ducky.
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Picspam: Tiger & Bunny fanart!

For this season, the only new titles I've been following are Hanasaku Iroha, Tiger & Bunny, Ano Hana and sometimes Blue Exorcist.

Out of all of them, T&B easily has the most eyecandy - especially since the protagonists are not teenagers but rather, 20/30 something adults XD Here are some faves off pixiv (just click to get taken to the original posts and for larger views!):

eyecandy this way...Collapse )
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Rec: Community (TV Series)


Community has a super enthusiastic fanbase which is why the campaigning for Troy in this year's FMM led to a surprise win that put a smile on so very many faces - even those who had never watched the show.

But that's 'cause the show itself is awesome - whether its animated gifs and youtube vids directed at the casual internet browser or marathons of the series watched for the umpteenth time *cough-cough-me-cough-cough*, it makes you fall over laughing while also just feeling so darn happy, charmed and in love.

I watched the show at around the end of last year and with every repeat I noticed more cultural references, meta jokes and geek!love. Nowadays I usually play it in the background while on the laptop :D

My favorite characters are Annie, Abed and Troy but its definitely an ensemble!show. Each member of the study group brings something unique. But its also the homages to fandom loves and awesome parodies (so many that you would need to visit tv-tropes' entry to track them all) that make it memorable. Or better yet: CommunityTropes! 

The links above offer glimpses of the brillance of this show and I just want to encourage y'all to give it a try. Each of the first nine episodes for season 1 showcases a member of the study group and we see the characters come into their own through to the final episodes of the season, where we get not one, but three different finales: the EPIC paintball war, the spanish final and the end of year dance.

My favorite episodes might actually be in the second season though - a Dungeons & Dragons episode that's pure awesomesauce, a Zombie!Halloween set to ABBA music of all things, and revisiting paintball for a glorious 2 part finale that pays homage to first, ol' Westerns and then Star Wars <3

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Reading: mid year review

Updated my 2011 Reading List and to make it easier to skim, I've prioritized by font(black = faves, lightest grey = general reads).

Here's my mid year review of titles finished:

Sequels I'm looking forward to reading: The Neon Court, Moon Over Soho and Eleven Scandals to Start to Win a Duke's Heart

I keep adding and updating my titles on the jetbook so if y'all have any recs, am all ears :D
* :D - toph smiling

Commish: Toph by Lilsuika

Lilsuika aka aka nannaia finished my second and final commish, centering on a more casual day-to-day Toph. I first contacted the artist 'cause of her past avatar fanart that not only captured characters wonderfully but also showed a brilliant attention to detail in regards to far east asian period!architecture and fashion.

Having her work on this and seeing it come to life is pretty much a dream come true. I fall into the piece and just go, "Toph <3" I couldn't thank the artist enough.

The concept behind it was Toph in her twenties and travelling about - in this case, she's in the Earth Kingdom and just left a branch of Iroh's tea shop (notice the red lanterns at the doorway with the pai sho symbols emblazened on them XD).

The trees (inspired by sakura and bonsai trees) are in bloom and we have a small koi pond just to the side. I adore the brush-inking and the almost watercolor effect of the piece, which really sets the mood IMO.

Nan was particularly attentive to Toph's costume, offering multiple (equally gorgeous) options - and then there were the color choices and the patterns and hair (linked bellow) and I was in fangirl heaven to be quite honest :D When I saw the leg gauntlets/wraps, I was way past my \o\o/o/ mode XD

Toph's bo-stick was an older idea; a gift from Iroh (with dragons!) she uses it to pretend she's really blind, in communication (bopping Aang on the head or knees never lost its charm to Toph haha) or as a makeshift weapon (Toph's metal-bending)

If there were a place to rate and rec artists commissioned, I'd be paying Nan homage there but since I can't let me just say, she's absolutely amazing! SO MUCH LOVE <3

Click for full view:

Nan's official post on DA can be found here along with a walkthrough/details post over here :3
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Spring Anime & Books, Books, Books!

[001] OMG, Tiger & Bunny! The title of the anime had me thinking it was a comedy shoujo anime and then the initial poster made me dismiss it as a preteen shounen title but then I actually saw it and holy crap, its kick ass awesomeness with slashy!subtext already :D :D

It's not drowning in anime!cliches and instead has a definite east meets west vibe that works brilliantly. While there's a glut of superhero movies coming out every year, somehow this anime works better than the majority of them. I love that Tiger is a father (and possibly widowed?) and while these days the heroes seem to keep getting younger (the new Thundercats remake for instance), the protagonist being an older hero in this one makes me happy (even though, TBH he doesn't look 30-something at all)

[002] I skimmed through the X-Men anime and while I'm glad the focus is on Scott rather than Logan, none of my favorites are in the line up like Rogue, Kitty or Nightcrawler. There's some definite eyecandy but I doubt I'll bother with it.

[003] Remaining titles I'm probably going to try from the Spring line up: Sket Dance, Hana-Saku IrohaBlue Exorcist, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi and Moshidora + any titles that get raves on the flist or on the preview guides by Zac, Carl and Theron

[004] Most of my free time has been spent on my jetbook - have finished over 90 books this year already, though about a third of those were romance and chick lit. I've gone from urban fantasy with male protagonists to fantasy with m/m pairings to regency romance to contemporary romance to paranormal romance to urban fantasy with female protagonists (after which I think I'll cycle back since I've gotten Kate Griffin's The Neon Court ready and waiting \o/)

I think my biggest problem with throwing fantasy into a romance novel (or vice versa) is that I need women to hold their own against vamps, werewolves, demons, fae etc. even if they're vanilla!human. So many female protagonists end up victimized or saved by the male love interest and god, it pisses me off. In the end I went hunting for urban fantasy series with kick ass females - got a good list and am making my way through it (after weeding out those I've already tried/read before). I think this was the main reason I switched over to male protagonists as my go-to-reads >_>
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The irony.

My housemate Wakako arrived in Tokyo at around 6ish this morning - for a single day before her flight tommorrow to her hometown further south. That was less than 9 hours before the earthquake. If the flight had been 11th instead of 10th, she'd still be in Vancouver. Fuck.

And now my mind keeps remembering Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

My prayers go out to everyone and their loved ones in the effected areas.

Edit: It looks like my other housemate was incorrect about the landing time - looked up Wakako's most likely flight schedule and she probably landed at Saporo at 6ish in the evening (not the morning), thereby missing the quake and having her connection to Tokyo cancelled. Can't be sure until she replies but here's hoping its ok.
multi - opera - the browser

Browser love :D

Installed Opera 11 and am so happy \o/

Firstly, I adore the tab stacking feature! Oh and since I use a mouse with my new laptop instead of the trackpad, mouse gestures have become far more important so I've finally set up my own \o/

My mouse gestures!Collapse )

Also, Opera has gotten extensions!

Those installed and my wishlist of Firefox extensions...Collapse )

Any tools/extensions you cannot do without and wish you'd see on alternative browsers?
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