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...oooh, something shiny *_*

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 ♣  blogging

My LJ is an outlet for fandom interests - which are many. You're not going to find me blathering about my RL woes on it. For that, the diary in my head works just fine.

I tend to squee, rec and pimp stuff and go on and on about "TEH SHINY". It's really all about sharing the love for new things - and there's always something new XD

I rarely write fics or draw, since I leave those to peeps who are actually good at it. Am far more inclined to churn out graphics or layouts.
all about moi  ♦  

24 year old female of south asian descent who can't speak anything but English. I spend most of my time on LJ lurking. I don't bother much with IM but use email and PMs instead.

While I'm currently in Vancouver, BC, am originally from the Middle East (Dubai) and spent a few years in Austin, Texas too. Am much more used to blistering hot weather and can't stand the cold.

I love trying out new cuisine and try most things out at least once before saying OMGTHATSUCKS.
 ♥  f-list policy

This journal is NOT friends only. Therefore you are free to access most posts on it. You are also free to lurk :)

I don't really do automatic friend backs unless we've connected in the past. Still, if you friend me and intend to speak up once in a while, drop me a line so I know you're not a random stalker uh, lurker.

Ultimately, my f-list is more of a reading list than anything else - if I'm interested in the posts on your lj, then you'll be on my f-list
media & design   ♠ 

I have a recurring addiction to making layouts. Most of them have been shared and are up for grabs @ noveltybox

More than credit though, I like comments - feedback will make me love you long time. I also do uploads of *stuff* @ gossbox (join the comm to view posts)

Profile codes + layout css and graphics were done by me. So far, the profile has been shared but not the layout. My personal lj layout history is over here

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